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Melissa’s situation

Melissa is in the market to buy a house and is asking her colleagues and personal networks for advice on the purchase. Melissa has now found her dream home. The seller’s agent has recommended a conveyancer but Melissa is concerned about their ability to coordinate with her mortgage broker.

How Avant Law can assist

Avant Law can now help Melissa with her personal and business legal needs, including buying and selling property.

Legal support – step by step

Step 1

Get in touch

Melissa contacts Avant Law to arrange a phone or video call to discuss her legal needs at a time that suits.

Step 2

Initial discussion

Melissa decides a phone call works best for her. Our lawyers will talk her through the purchase process and check what stage she is up to.

Since Melissa has found a property and wants to make an offer, we can arrange to review the contract for her. We’ll also advise Melissa on what she needs to have in place, including any searches or enquiries we need to make on her behalf.

We will promptly provide Melissa with an estimate of costs and timeline.

Step 3

Agree on fee and commence work

Melissa is happy with the estimate of costs and arranges for the draft contract to be sent to us to start work.

Step 4

Exchange of contracts

Once Melissa is comfortable with the contract and the property enquiries conducted on her behalf, we exchange contracts.

Step 5


We will finalise the purchase, liaise with Melissa’s mortgage broker and bank, and prepare the settlement electronically for Melissa to secure her new home.

Disclaimer: This resource contains information on some of the considerations when purchasing a property. It should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. The information contained in this case study is fictional and only intended to outline some of the services that Avant Law offers. MJN928 06/22 (DT-2562)

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